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Certification scheme


Notification to Certified Welders and their Employers (period from 24/09/2016 till 26/04/2017) regarding Welder Certificate Form (link)

Certification steps

  1. Step:
    • Application WELDER (KA01_02)
    • Documents to provide before the exam:
      1. Candidate’s ID copy (passport, ID-card, driving license)
      2. WPS (for personnel certification) and/or pWPS (for procedure certification)
      3. Base material certificate (steel)
      4. Filler material certificate (wire, electrodes)
      5. Gas certificate (in case of 135, 136,138)
      6. Tungsten electrode certificate (in case of 141)
  2. Step:
    • Requirements for a candidate:
      The candidate should own professional skills and theoretical knowledge necessary to weld a mock-up. Persons with signs of alcoholic or drugs intoxication are not allowed for the exam.
    • Mock-up preparation according to WPS
    • Examination
    • Mock-up labeling (candidate’s surname, welding date)
    • Mock-up welding according to WPS
    • Mock-up evaluation by the examiner
  3. Step:
    • Mock-up testing (NDT, DT)
    • Decision about the attestation
    • Processing and issuing a certificate
  4. Step:
    • Complying with certificate and trademarks usage rules
    • Complying with re-certification rules

BTI, is obliged to:

  • Understand the importance of impartiality during certification.
  • Constantly work on identifying the risks to impartiality which may come from ownership, management, staff, shared resources, finances, contracts, incentives for attracting new customers and corporate risks. In case of risk detected BTI is obliged to take action to eliminate or minimize them.
  • Comply with declared impartiality policy (impartiality policy)
  • bear the legal responsibility and guarantee the independence and impartiality of the certification works.
  • ensure independence from any commercial, financial, administrative or other pressures that could have an impact on the certification.
  • conduct ongoing monitoring of compliance of BTI requirements of independence and impartialitiby by all employees .
  • comply with the principles of impartiality, both to the candidate and to the customer – a legal entity.
  • to exclude discrimination under any motives in the certification process.
  • conduct the certification process according to declared normative standards.
  • provide all the necessary information about a certification process.
  • accept claims and appeals and promptly react.

Customer is obliged to:

  • comply with the certification requirements.
  • use the welder’s (welding procedure) certificate correctly.
  • not to use a certificate in a manner that may harm the reputation of BTI, as well as not to do any misleading or false statements against the certificate.
  • allow the examiner to the exam.
  • provide all the necessary documentation for the certification.
  • provide a correct documentation.
  • stop using a certificate if it is cancelled by BTI.
  • provide the certificate to it’s customers fully without any changes.
  • provide information about any changes which may affect the certification.

Using certificates and trademarks:

  • any use of BTI logos and trademarks is PROHIBITED
  • Incorrect misleading references to the certification or certificate, use of the logo in advertisements, catalogs, publications, and so on, will be prevented by any possible means. This behavior can cause a response, such as the publication of mistakes and errors, suspending or canceling the certificate or certification, legal intervention (lawsuit),if necessary.

Financing and price offers:

  • All BTI activities are financed by internal resources. Third Party financing not used by BTI.
  • All costs connected to and related to certification are paid by the Customer
  • Price offers are calculated per each request for certification based on Customer inquiry considering requested certification type and scope
  • Price offer calculation principle is the same for each Customer without any discrimination
  • Price offers are presented upon request
  • Payment should be done based on BTI invoice issued per each actual service provided by BTI



Re-certification is conducted according to the Certification scheme (in case of certification of the person).


Appeal and Claim process

The procedure for claims and appeal is described at the respective page