BTI guarantees timely reaction to claims and appeals

Claim – a declaration of dissatisfaction with BTI activity filed by any entity or organisation (declarant) waiting for review and  resolution.

Appeal may be filed by any organisation (legal entity) or participant (physical entity) (declarant) regarding whom a decision has been made.

The claim/appeal from the declarant has to be clear and substantial, signed digitally (signed hardcopy scan in PDF format is acceptable as well), submitted in a free form to, and shall contain at least the following information:

1. Name of the complaining company or person
2. Date
3. Contact person
4. Certification reference
5. Complaint description
6. Contact person’s signature

BTI notifies the declarant about receiving a claim/appeal in 2 business days.

After receiving a claim/appeal BTI represented by the director shall confirm if the claim/appeal is related to the BTI activities or certification/inspection and if so accepts it for the review.

In order to review a claim/appeal the director investigates all related documents, interviews the appropriate participants and after that decides to satisfy or reject the claim/appeal.

The declarant shall get notified about satisfaction/rejection of a claim/appeal in 2 weeks.

In case of acceptance for review the claim/appeal gets registered.

BTI is responsible for confidentiality of the data received when processing claims / appellations. This requirement is valid for both the entity filing a claim / appellation and a claim / appellation itself.
Confidential data is not to be forwarded to third parties without consent of the entity filing a claim / appellation excluding cases when it is required by the EAK auditors or the Estonian legislation.